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JONATHAN LOPES is an artist who works within the medium of LEGO bricks. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Jonathan’s work has taken him across the country, earning him admiration and recognition from around the globe.  He has worked on commissions – large and small – for museums, architectural firms, private groups, non-profit organizations, galleries, book publishers, authors and retail shops, as well as for Toys “R” Us and The Lego Group itself. In addition to providing custom artwork and sculptures, Jonathan has also developed a uniquely gritty and urban building style for which he is highly recognized.  Find him on Flickr, MOCPages and Facebook.

LYN MILLER-LACHMANN became a fan of LEGO when she and her son built a Pirate village on top of his bunk bed.  A recent transplant who arrived in NYC from Albany, Lyn is the creator of Little Brick Township, a LEGO Modular town where stuff happens. When she isn’t adding on to her town or documenting the residents’ dramas through pictures and captions, she writes fiction for teens and maintains a travel/cultural blog. Her published works include the award-winning young adult novel Gringolandia (Curbstone Press/Northwestern University Press, 2009) and, more recently, Rogue (Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin, 20013). Lyn has created several historical and cultural MOCs to use in educational settings, including one to accompany her school presentations for Gringolandia.  Find her on Twitter, Instagram and at her website.

VICTOR TY is a Queens resident who first picked up his LEGO hobby as a young boy living in the Philippines. He’s lived in Africa, Asia, and traveled around the world before moving to New York City.  After more than 20 years in the fashion industry, Victor enrolled in nursing school and now works as a radiation oncology nurse at a major New York City hospital.  He is the father of two boys — one of whom has Autism Spectrum Disorder — and says he has been “an advocate for special education, especially for children and adults with autism.”  Victor’s creations are inspired both by his line of work and his other interests, including tennis.  Like many AFOLs, he doesn’t have a favorite theme — “I love Lego, plain and simple” — and he delights in making creations from the selection of elements available on the Pick-A-Brick wall.  He shares his love of the brick by bringing MOCs to his neighborhood Lego Store and now his two kids — as well as his brother and nephews — are Legomaniacs as well.

SID DINSAY is a lifelong brick enthusiast who has built with and collected LEGO since he was three years old. He’s the founder of the New York City LEGO Users Group and yes, he’s got a LEGO room.  His favorite themes are Classic Space, Star Wars, the SuperHeroes and Lord Of The Rings sets, and loves buying the brick in bulk — some of his most memorable LEGO finds come from garage sales and thrift stores.  Sid’s fandom once got him quoted in the New York Daily News which means he’s already exhausted his 15 minutes of fame.  Find him at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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DAVID HALISKI is a designer and LEGO artist who as an adult rediscovered a passion for those vibrantly colored bricks that occupied so much of his time as a child. He decided to combine this passion with his fine art and computer graphic design background to create unique LEGO works. It is his acquired digital design experience, where pixels are the building blocks, that allowed him to expand on his LEGO vision as an adult. He has shipped pieces across the globe and his works have recently been part of the Think Outside the Brick exhibit at The Columbus Museum of Art and also a solo Creative Art of LEGO showing and workshop at the Heckscher Museum of Art. Find him on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and at his website.

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