Through the looking glass: NYCLUG’s permanent installation at the Rock Ctr. LEGO Store


Every tourist who has ever been to New York has probably looked through a pair of these: mounted binoculars, often seen at landmarks such as the Empire State Building.
This one is at the Lego Brand Retail store at Rockefeller Center, right next to the entrance.


A simple construct of medium blue LEGO bricks interspersed with the occasional cloud implies the sky above New York, with the binoculars in the “foreground.”  And while the display box is only about a foot deep, a look through the binoculars reveals one of the most famous ladies of all…


…the (mini) Statue of Liberty, also known as Lego set #40026, along with two ships in the harbor!

Please stop by the Lego Store at Rockefeller Center and let us know what you think!

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