NYCLUG’s First LEGO Community Window Display at Rockefeller Center


Members of NYCLUG got together Friday evening at the LEGO Store at Rockefeller Center to install their first-ever LUG Community Window Display.  Seizing on the popularity of two recent films — The LEGO Movie (of course!) and Disney’s Frozen — NYCLUG’s centerpieces included Benny the Classic Space astronaut and Olaf, the adorable sidekick snowman.  Tourists gawked as Benny, based on the classic Minifigure sculpture (2000), was slipped into the display along with Olaf, who was a complete “free build” from bulk LEGO bricks.  As you can see, both made it in with just enough headroom to spare!


Benny and Olaf will be on display through March.  Please feel free to stop by and be sure to hashtag your photos with #NYCLUG!


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