Special “The Lego Movie” event at the Rockefeller LEGO Store

Meeting Wyldstle and Emmett!

Meeting Wyldstle and Emmett!

Yours truly got to attend a special Lego VIP event at the Rockefeller Center LBR Store on Sunday evening, timed to the second weekend of The Lego Movie and the 2014 International Toy Fair.  About 30 Lego VIP’s were invited to preview one of the biggest sets LEGO has released to date — Metalbeard’s Sea Cow (70810), with more than 2,700 pieces and featuring Metalbeard (duh), Benny, Wyldstyle, Emmett, Vitruvius (who, sadly, is only in the two most expensive sets in the TLM line) and QueasyKitty.  It retails for a whopping $249 and is available right now for VIP members.  (I didn’t get one because, well, who’s got $250 just laying around?  Not me.  🙂

70810 Metalbeard's Sea Cow

70810 Metalbeard’s Sea Cow

The set also includes two MicroManagers and Emmett’s (lifesaving!) double-decker couch.

Yes, there's a double-decker couch.  No, it doesn't float.

Yes, there’s a double-decker couch. No, it doesn’t float.

The giveaway bags handed out by the always-cheerful LBR employees was a pleasant surprise.  It included all four TLM posters (Benny, Wyldstyle, Lorn Business and Batman), three limited edition minifigs (Wyldstyle and a micro MicroManager; Emmett in pajamas; and Robot DJ); a micro vehicle and keychain set; and a LEGO Store wristband.

Lego Swag Bag!

Alas, no spaceship! spaceship! spaceship!

In lieu of buying a Sea Cow, I picked up a few small sets instead: two of the first Chima sets I’ve ever bought (70123, a Lion Legend Beast and 70127, the Wolf Legend Beast).  Each set has a bunch of the new 1×2 plate with ball sockets and those excellent 1×2 curved slopes which will come in VERY handy.  Also got a Mixel named Flain (reviewed here at Brickset), with more of those ball joints and those eyeballs!!



To top off the night, I got to meet up with two of the coolest AFOLs in the universe: Joe Meno, publisher of BrickJournal — it sincerely blows my mind that I know this dude and can call him a friend — and Mike Bader, a hardcore LEGO fan and fellow I LUG NY member.

LEGO Maniacs -- no other way to put it.

LEGO Maniacs — no other way to put it.

All in all, a great LEGO night!  Special thanks to the LEGO VIP team at Lego and Carlos, Joe, Jose, Jiandro, Maria and everyone else at the LBR Rockfeller Center store!

— brickplate



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